An international choral collaboration promoting cross cultural understanding through the notion of Ubuntu

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Ubuntusong is an international choral collaboration, where voices gather to co-create inspirational statements through music and performance. The first project is Ubuntu - a music video featuring choirs from Denmark, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and Australia as well as singers representing Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Latvia and Faroe Islands.

Ubuntu is a South African philosophy that expresses the idea that we are all connected through the fact that we are human, often expressed in the saying: "I am, because we are". The song Ubuntu is inspired by personal relationships coming from many years of cultural exchange between Denmark and South Africa, where a common passion has been the South African music and way of life.

This music video released on July 18th 2018, is a tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela through marking his centennial year. Nelson Mandela included the notion of Ubuntu in the shaping of South Africa’s first democratic constitution as well as in the process of Truth and reconciliation that followed the fall of apartheid.

I am Astrid Vang-Pedersen, initiator of Ubuntusong, and I want to direct a warm thank you to the following partners who contributed greatly in the making of this project.

This project is supported by: Dansk Kapelmesterforening


Astrid Vang-Pedersen - Idea & Concept
Astrid Vang-Pedersen - Music, lyrics & arrangement
Ralf Schmitt – Musical co-arranger
Mikkel Suppras – Video Producer
Henrik Birk Aaboe – Sound Producer
Jesper Falch – Percussion
Søren Nørregaard – Website
Jim Hjernøe – The Royal Academy of Music
Kasper Borchersen – Composition of musical prelude
Søren Nilsson - Photo


Dopplers & Papaya (DK)
– Conducted by Astrid Vang-Pedersen
Ndlovu Choir (ZA)
- Conducted by Ralf Schmitt
Grupo UPA (BRA)
- Conducted by Federico Trindade
Paramabira (IDN)
- Conducted by Agnes Hapsari
Toy Choir (AUS)
- Conducted by Danielle O’Keefe
The Royal Academy of Music (DK)
– RAMA Vocal Center
Summer Camp World Choir 2018

Contact: hello@ubuntusong.com